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UTP Program Overview

What is TEMS UTP?

Your Pathway to Canada’s Best School. TEMS UTP is a two year, guaranteed pathway into top Canadian universities with selected undergraduate programs in Computing Science, Mathematics, Business, Economics, Social Sciences, and other General Sciences. TEMS UTP prepares students to attend a leading postsecondary school that will get them noticed in their future career. The program consists of three subprograms: IEB-UTP, UTP1 and UTP2.

How does it work?

Unlike the traditional approach, TEMS UTP trains students for Canadian postsecondary success before they enter university. Once successful, students are headed to university without any lengthy, stressful TOEFL or IELTS tests. TEMS cuts students’ preparation time in half, and puts them on the path to success.

Your Pathway to Canada’s Best School

  • UTP1
  • UTP2
  • WLU + English
  • Transfer or
    Continue @ WLU

Admission Information

  • Below 70% average in academic record.
  • Unsatisfactory grades on TEMS Assessment TEST.
  • Must take at least one month before UTP1 (based on evaluation).
  • Average of at least 70% or above in academic record from at least 3 years of secondary education.
  • Satisfactory grades on TEMS Assessment Test.
  • Program placement will be decided based on evaluation.
  • An average of 80% or above academic record from 3 years of secondary education.
  • Outstanding grades in TEMS Assessment Test in English and Math.
Wilfrid Laurier University
  • WLU is located in Waterloo, 5 minutes away from TEMS Academy. TEMS UTP students will spend 1 year taking 1st year university classes before continuing or transferring to other Top Canadian Universities.


Past Student

TEMS Academy Secondary School has a unique educational approach to students which enhanced my acceptance into the University of Toronto. I studied at TEMS through my entire high school career, and with the help of the people at TEMS and their expertise in the Canadian educational system I was able to realize my academic potential. S. Kim-University of Toronto Undergraduate Student


My daughter started at TEMS four years ago in grade 9. TEMS helped her achieve success in her core subjects of Math, Computer Science, and English. TEMS instructors are very professional, highly qualified, and go beyond expectations for their students. I felt like the whole team at TEMS was working toward my child’s goals. They even helped her with her university applications and she got into all three of her top choices. As a parent, it is very satisfying to know that my daughter is successful and prepared for her future, and TEMS helped her achieve that. T. Ryu’s Mom


The wonderful thing about TEMS Academy is the warm and welcoming environment that is essential for educational success. I have worked at TEMS for over five years, and in this time I have watched many students achieve their goals and gain the confidence they need to excel in all subjects. TEMS is a collaborative teaching environment that uses the latest in teaching methodology, and we follow the Ontario curriculum to ensure nothing but the best for each student’s learning needs. Brittany Bosch B.A., MSC ed., TESL, OCT-Instructor and Curriculum Co-ordinator at TEMS Academy

TEMS Academy sets students up for success

Who can Apply?

Recent high school graduates with English experience.

Why choose TEMS?

We have a unique program with small classes that are customized to maximize individual student potential. TEMS UTP is the ONLY transfer program to the University of Toronto. · There’s no TOEFL or IELTS requirements.
TEMS accepts high school credits completed in your country and allows you to upgrade your marks without penalties.
Students have the option to retake the courses without any GPA penalties.
TEMS is located in Waterloo, Ontario: the city of innovative education.
Flexible enrollment dates.
Sub Program Duration
IEB-UTP(Optional) 1 ~ 4Months
UTP1 1 Term
UTP2 2 Terms
WLU + English 3 Terms
Placement Admission / Term Duration Course Details
IEB-UTP Flexible(Based on Evaluation) Intensive English Booster Class
UTP1 2016 May 2 ~ 2016 Aug 26 ENG CRW
2016 Sep 5 ~ 2016 Dec 23 MHF4U
2017 Jan 2 ~ 2017 Apr 22 ENG4U