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Short-Term Experience

Short-Term Experience

Overview of TEMS International Camps

Every summer and winter TEMS Academy hosts international students for an English language learning and Canadian cultural experience.

Summer Camp

Spend three weeks in Canada this summer! TEMS International Summer Camp offers students the opportunity to study English in Canada in a unique way: not simply through classroom ESL learning, but by participating in activities with local students and sharing cultures with a homestay family. International students will have levelled ESL classes, as well as special English activities that include Drama and TEMS' Amazing Race, and will have mid-week and Saturday trips to local educational and exciting attractions.

Winter Schooling

During January and February, Canada TEMS Academy hosts international students in a winter immersion program that focuses on improving the students' English language skills. Students will attend a local school for the one to two months they are here, have additional ESL tutoring after school, and go on Saturday trips to local attractions. Students stay in our TEMS residence or with homestay families.

Short-Term Experience

TEMS Short Term Experience Program is designed specifically for prospective college and university students. The classes are specifically tailored to the student's program and English level. Whether you are about to enroll or are already in your post-secondary career, TEMS can give you the skills you need to succeed!