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TEMS Academy

Welcome to TEMS Academy

Canada TEMS Academy (or TEMS) stands for Total Education Management Service, and was established in the hope of making quality education comprehensible to all students.

History of TEMS

TEMS has been growing in the Kitchener-Waterloo community for over 10 years. Initially, TEMS was an after school tutoring school founded by Director, Jay Noh, to assist students in their primary education facilities. TEMS has grown every year to include students of all ages, levels, abilities, and nationalities. TEMS is an inclusive learning environment where every student is encouraged to reach their potential through the latest educational teaching methodology and strategy. TEMS has affiliations with local school boards, colleges, and universities. The school has won awards, and has played an active role in the community.

Who We Are

  • Inspected Secondary Private school offering Ontario Credit Courses.
  • Experienced and Qualified instructors that are either Ontario Certified Teachers, or have higher level degrees in their subject areas.
  • Promoters of learning-style based education.
  • Active in improving student confidence.

School Philosophy

We believe students have the right to an inclusive, cooperative atmosphere that promotes emotional education and personal growth as well as beyond standard academic achievement. It is our goal to teach to how students learn naturally, working with their learning styles and helping them to realize their academic potential.